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We can provide advice on tenancy matters to community services organisations and their service staff if the enquiry is on behalf of a tenant or relates to tenants’ rights. We do not provide advice to landlords or rental property managers.

We are funded to provide advice to some specific categories of organisations including:

  • community legal services
  • CAV funded advocates
  • SHASP services
  • housing information and referral services
  • student housing services

These organisations can contact our lawyers on our admin line 03 9411 1444 to request this service.

Other community services that require advice are welcome to contact our general tenant’s helpline on 03 9416 2577.

Our service is closed weekends and public holidays.

family violence protection TENANCY KIT

Designed for support workers and advocates who assist people affected by family violence, the purpose of the kit is to help people in rental housing to know their rights, have a secure home and limit any financial loss. Topics include:

  • Changing the locks
  • Getting an intervention order
  • Staying in the rental property
  • Leaving the rental property
  • Applying to VCAT (including sample applications)
  • Public housing tenants

family violence protection TENANCY KIT (

practice resources

Our practice notes are intended for those with some tenant advocacy experience and not for the general public.

Practice notes for tenant advocates


Our fact sheets are available online as webpages and PDFs at advice.
Tenants and organisations are welcome to place an order for printed copies. Please complete an order form, then mail or fax it to us:

Publications Order [November 2017, pdf 32kb]


We offer face-to-face training sessions for groups. To find out more please contact us.


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