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Systemic issues with Office of Housing maintenance debts recognised by Victorian Ombudsman

31 October 2017

Victorian Ombudsman Deborah Glass published a report this week detailing findings of systemic issues with how maintenance claims against public tenants are handled by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

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When sharehouses go bad: The raw deal for some tenants (

18 October 2017

CEO Mark O’Brien says there is a lot of grey area in the law regarding share houses, and that VCAT should have more power to deal with share house disagreements.

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Insecurity, fear, uncertainty: the harsh truths about renting (The Guardian)

14 October 2017

A report released in February by consumer group Choice, National Shelter and the National Association of Tenant Organisations found insecurity, fear and uncertainty were rife in Australia’s rental market, especially in, but not confined to, the febrile property hot spots of Sydney and Melbourne.

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Victorian Government’s ‘rental fairness package’ a great first step, but more can be done to make renting fair

8 October 2017

On 8 October, the Andrews Labor Government announced that it would ‘make renting fair, with an unprecedented package of tenancy reforms’.

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How to deal with a difficult landlord (

20 September 2017

Rules about renting vary across Australia, but dealing with a nightmare landlord is difficult no matter where you live. asked Tenants Victoria what people can do to overcome obstacles with their landlords and agents while renting.

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Asbestos spread through their share house, but these women had to fight for months to get compensation (ABC)

12 September 2017

It’s a tenant’s worst nightmare; after complaining for more than six months about a leaking tap in their bathroom shower, Ella Gleeson and Morgana Russell ended up being exposed to potentially deadly asbestos-laden dust.

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