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    Tenants Victoria nominated for homelessness awards

    Tenants Victoria is proud to be nominated for two Victorian Homelessness Achievement Awards, relating to our Rooming House Outreach Program. These awards provide statewide acknowlegement of leadership towards the goal of ending homelessness and are presented as part of the Victorian Homelessness Conference. Thanks to Council to Homeless Persons for running the conference and awards. Tenants Victoria CEO, Jennifer Beveridge, congratulated Catherine Dyer and the whole Tenants Victoria team for their outstanding work in this

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    World Homelessness Day: October 10th 2019

    This World Homelessness Day 2019, homelessness workers from around Victoria are smashing myths, and revealing #HomelessTruths. ​Homelessness is at crisis level in Victoria due to a lack of affordable housing. ​The Victorian Government must build more social housing so that people on low incomes aren’t forced into homelessness. ​Myths about homelessness put the blame on individuals instead of on the systemic drivers of homelessness. Myth 1: Most people become homeless because of drug and alcohol

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    Supporting healthier and more affordable homes for renters

    Tenants Victoria has joined with 60 other groups across Australia to call on Australian Building Ministers to raise energy efficiency standards in the National Construction Code. This follows years of advocacy around energy efficient through the Make Renting Fair Campaign and the One Million Homes Alliance. Necessary reforms include: · Mandating minimum energy efficiency standards for rental homes · Developing programs to improve the energy efficiency of all public and community housing properties · Committing

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    Pool safety review raises concerns for renters

    Victoria’s specialist tenancy advice service, Tenants Victoria, has raised significant issues as part of the Victorian Government’s review of pool and spa safety laws. The review proposes new local council registration requirements, more inspections and safety modifications. The biggest issue identified was the widespread use of temporary pools during summer. Existing law requires all pools and spas to have safety barriers such as fencing and gates that comply with building regulations. This means that even

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    Win for tenants – landlords must pay their own property taxes and council charges

    In a recent case that went to VCAT, the tenants argued against a clause the landlord included in their lease (tenancy agreement). The landlord was attempting to make it the tenants’ responsibility to pay some of the landlord’s taxes and council charges. But according to the law – Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (Vic) – when it comes to property costs, the only things tenants have to pay for other than rent are the charges for

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    Tenants Victoria acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.