Council to Homeless Persons consultation and training

Ever wanted to know how to engage your local MP, but not sure what the protocol is? Ever wanted to pitch a story to your local paper, but unsure how to go about it? Want to know how your local service can help get great results out of the upcoming Victorian election?

In the lead up to this year’s Victorian election, Council to Homeless Persons is running a consultation and training to provide those who work in the housing and community sector or other complementary sectors with all of the skills that you will need to ensure that our politicians respond to homelessness in the upcoming election.

If you often support people experiencing homelessness, and you have views on what we need to do to end homelessness in Victoria, then this event is for you.

Sign up here for events in:

Ringwood – 16 April

Goulburn – 18 April

Melbourne CBD – 23 April

Ovens Murray – 24 April

Gippsland – 26 April