Tenants Victoria nominated for homelessness awards

Tenants Victoria is proud to be nominated for two Victorian Homelessness Achievement Awards, relating to our Rooming House Outreach Program. These awards provide statewide acknowlegement of leadership towards the goal of ending homelessness and are presented as part of the Victorian Homelessness Conference. Thanks to Council to Homeless Persons for running the conference and awards.

Tenants Victoria CEO, Jennifer Beveridge, congratulated Catherine Dyer and the whole Tenants Victoria team for their outstanding work in this area over many years, particularly around the scourge of exploitative rooming houses.

“Slumlords have been exploiting vulnerable Victorians through private rooming houses for decades now. Efforts have been made to improve regulation, but the problem continues to grow. Our Rooming House Outreach Program does vital work to keep individuals and families safe from harm. Catherine should be very proud of her work and the recognition she has received through these nominations.”

Read the full list of nominations here.

The following nominations are from the awards booklet:

Nominated for ‘Excellence in ending homelessness’

The Rooming House Outreach Program is an assertive outreach service linking rooming house residents to support including tenancy advice, long-term housing, and health services. Working under the umbrella of Tenants Victoria allows the program to support many residents who are often ‘off the radar’ of other support services and leads to better regulation of rooming houses.

Nominated for ‘Leading practitioner’

Catherine Dyer single-handedly runs the Tenants Victoria Rooming House Outreach Program and
is a tireless, passionate advocate who explores every avenue to assist rooming house residents at
risk of homelessness. She also works for broader change including identifying unregistered rooming houses, creating a ‘one stop’ approach for residents, and lobbying for housing support for refugees.