World Homelessness Day: October 10th 2019

This World Homelessness Day 2019, homelessness workers from around Victoria are smashing myths, and revealing #HomelessTruths.

​Homelessness is at crisis level in Victoria due to a lack of affordable housing.

​The Victorian Government must build more social housing so that people on low incomes aren’t forced into homelessness.

​Myths about homelessness put the blame on individuals instead of on the systemic drivers of homelessness.

Myth 1: Most people become homeless because of drug and alcohol misuse

Myth 2: People wouldn’t be homeless if they got a job

Myth 3: People are homeless because they have mental health issues

Myth 4: Only people sleeping on the streets are truly homeless

Myth 5: People choose homelessness


Find the truth: #HomelessTruths